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Owner’s Manuals – Flexible Shaft Machines-Current Models

Owner’s Manuals – Flexible Shaft Machines-Old/Discontinued Models

Owner’s Manuals – Bench Lathe, Flexades, and Drill Presses

Owner’s Manuals – Dust Collection

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Speed Controls

C.EMX and C.EM Dial Control Instructions

How to Replace Trigger Switch for Speed Controls

How to Replace Circuit Board in Dial Speed Controls

Instructions for Wolf Wax Trimmer Attachment

Instructions for Jump Ringer Attachment

Instructions and Parts List for Rotary Tumbler

Manuals – Arch Trimmer, Wax Carver, Massager


AllSet Manuals and Instructions

 Handpiece Instructions

Handpiece Instructions – Discont’d Models

Angle Grinder, Belt Sander, Filer Instructions

Parts List

Parts Lists/Bench Lathes

Parts Lists/Dust Collection

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Parts Lists/Speed Controls



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