Flex Shaft HANDPIECE Shank Size Compatibility Chart

Handpieces are the hand-held – and necessary part of a flexible shaft machine (motor-speed control + handpiece). Foredom offers many choices. 

Handpieces are required to operate a flexible shaft machine (motor-speed control combination) and Foredom offers an wide selection.

Standard Key Tip Handpieces – Standard Key Tip Shafts are on most Foredom Flex Shaft Machines and they connect to Foredom’s widest selection of handpieces. There are 17 to choose from: Chuck Style, Collet Style, Quick Change, Special Use: Hammer Style, Chisel handpiece, the H.25 and Duplex Spring models.

Square Drive Handpieces – 4 Models for attaching to heavy duty, square drive shafts (style of shaft that comes on Series SRH, TXH, LXH motors). Square drive shafting is stiffer. Select a square drive model ONLY if you have a square drive shaft and plan to do over-sized projects involving the hardest to work with and most challenging materials.

Slip Joint Handpieces – 7 Models for attaching to European machines with slip joint connections and Foredom flex shafts equipped with slip joint shafting.