Please be advised that counterfeit Foredom® flexible shaft machines are widely available. Be cautious about purchasing a Foredom from someone other than an Authorized Distributor or from us–the manufacturer.

Counterfeits are hard to recognize since they usually come with an authentic-looking Foredom label with a serial number right on the motor, just like the genuine article.

Counterfeits are sometimes sold on, eBay and other websites.

The Foredom CC continues to be the most common model to be counterfeited, despite the fact that we stopped making it nearly 8 years ago. Of course, there are 1,000’s of genuine pre-owned CC motors that are sold legitimately. Counterfeits of old Series S and SR motors, and even our current SR models are also in the marketplace, as are copies of our handpieces, speed controls and BL bench lathe.

Contact Customer Service or CLICK HERE for a list of Foredom Authorized Distributors in your area.