Foredom Bench Lathe – Also see Wayne Werner Videos


Foredom’s BL Lathe with tapered spindles is a powerful, variable speed lathe in a compact size suitable for use at the bench. Its permanent magnet motor is extremely quiet and smooth running with all the power and speed required for a variety of polishing, buffing and grinding jobs. The video material that follows will explain the basics along with more specific details on the various attachments and other tools we have that work with the M.BL Bench Lathe:

    1. M.BL Bench Lathe:
    2. M.BL Bench Lathe Attachments including Plastic Spindle Adapters, Collet Holder, Chuck Arbor, and Wheel Mandrels:
    3. Dust Collector and Filter Hood for M.BL Bench Lathe
    4. Using a Flexade to Convert your Lathe into a Flexible Shaft Machine
    5. Melissa Muir discusses sanding and grinding accessories for the Foredom Bench Lathe
    6. Melissa Muir explains 3 kits for use with Foredom’s Bench Lathe
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