‘Foredom in Action’ Presents – Wayne Werner’s Work Smarter NOT Harder


“Foredom in Action” videos feature our tools in use by professionals in various fields. To start us off, we are pleased to present two renowned jewelers, Jeff Mathews and Wayne Werner.

Here we have Wayne Werner, an accomplished Jeweler, Craftsman and Metal Worker. For more than twenty years, Wayne has traveled the world to learn with metal workers from Italy and Egypt to Java and Bali. He creates one of a kind limited production pieces in his Maryland studio, participates in high-end craft shows nationally, teaches private and group classes, and helps to spread the word about Foredom quality tools by demonstrating our products at various trade shows.

Wayne’s ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ Video discussions were shot at the Foredom factory in Bethel, CT. If you are following along by Segment order, please note that Segment 2 is no longer available.

  1. Flexible Shaft Motor Overview
  2. Choice of Interchangeable Handpieces
  3. Polishing with Buffs using the BL Bench Lathe and Filter Hood
  4. Using the K.3340 Bench Lathe Kit with Wheel Mandrel and Collet Holder
  5. Using the Foredom/Wayne Werner AK3375 Sanding Accessories Kit
  6. Using the Foredom/Wayne Werner AK3371 Polishing Accessories Kit
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