S-10823 Shaft for SRH, TXH and LXH motors

S-10823 Shaft for SRH, TXH and LXH motors

SKU: S-10823.


63-3/4″ long Square Drive inner shaft comes on Series SRH, TXH, and LXH motors.

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63-3/4″ long, Square Drive inner shaft comes equipped on Series SRH, TXH and LXH motors. Offered here for replacement. Use with S-10801TX heavy duty outer sheath sold separately. 

Square drive shafts can only be used with Foredom’s square drive handpieces. See related products below.

Replacement shafts require a VERY light coating of Foredom grease before use. Be sure to UNPLUG your motor before doing any maintenance and NEVER operate your Foredom with the outer sheath removed. 


S-10823 Shaft MUST ship via UPS in larger carton to avoid damage (bending) that could occur if shipped in smaller, USPS carton. 


View Video Material before installing this item:


Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 in


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