S-10814 Slip Joint Conversion Assembly

S-10814 Slip Joint Conversion Assembly

SKU: S-10814.


Complete Assembly includes Slip Joint shaft with coupling and Slip Joint Sheath for use with slip joint style handpieces.

Complete Slip Joint Assembly includes S-108141 Slip Joint inner shaft (36-7/8″ long) with UA541 motor coupling and S-108141 Slip Joint outer sheath (37-1/2″ long). Offered here for converting Foredom motor to work with European style Slip Joint Handpieces.

Instructions for Slip Joint Conversion

Slip Joint shafts can only be used with slip joint handpieces. In addition to European models, Foredom’s offers 9 of its own slip joint handpieces. See related products below.


Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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