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Foredom rotary tools & flexible shaft machines are built to industrial standards and are known for quality and reliability. Foredom is synonymous with Flexible Shaft Machine for many people. Flex shafts are used for many jobs including grinding, deburring, carving, engraving, stone setting, and polishing on virtually any material. A complete Foredom flexible shaft machine has a motor that rotates a flexible shaft connected to a precision handpiece. It also requires a speed control that is adjustable by foot or hand.

Micromotors and bench lathes are other rotary tools that Foredom manufactures.
• Micromotors have ‘micro-sized’ power tool motors inside of the handpiece and a cord connected to a control box that permits high speed operation – some prefer these to a flexible shaft. We even have a portable micromotor, powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be used on-the-go for hours.
• Foredom bench lathes are powerful, compact and useful for many grinding, buffing and polishing applications.

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Flex Shaft HANDPIECE Shank Size Compatibility Chart