MAFH109-5 Pleated Heavy Paper for fine particles: 14 Merv Rating, Traps & Holds 95% or better of particles 3.0-10 micron and 85% of 0.3-1.0 micron

MAFH108-5 2-Sided Carbon and Polyester on other side for fine to medium particles: 13 Merv Rating, Traps & Holds 90% or better of particles 3.0-10 micron and less than 75% of 0.3-1.0 micron

MAFH107-5 100% Polyester on both sides for coarser particles: 8 Merv Rating, Traps & Holds 70%- 85% of particles 3.0-10 micron

MAFH120 5-Pc Assortment 2 ea Poly and Poly/Carbon and one Pleated Paper Pack of 5 pleated paper filters. These are significantly more effective than the polyester or charcoal ones for filtering extremely fine particles. Does not come with Filter Hood – this one is optional and not a replacement.

Filters measure 5-13/16″ long, 5-7/8″ wide and 3/8″ thick (153 x 138 x 10mm).

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MAFH107-5 – Polyester, MAFH108-5 – Carbon / Poly, MAFH109-5 Pleated Heavy Paper, MAFH120 – 2 ea. Poly, Poly/Carbon, 1 Pleated


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