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HP61 Ball Bearing for H.30, H.43T, H.44T Handpieces

Replacement Ball Bearing for H.30, H.30H, H.30SJ, H.43T, H.44T, H.44HT. H.44TSJ Handpieces. See details to learn which have bearings you can replace on your own.



Which type bearing does your handpiece have?

Our older handpieces have Press Fit type bearings that require replacement at our factory. In 2002, we started using Slip Fit bearings which allow the user to change them out.

The ring pattern on any of our H.30 and H.44 handpieces identifies the type of bearings inside:

1. If your handpiece has 5 narrow rings at the front end and then thicker sets of 3 rings, 2 rings and 3 rings toward the back end, then the bearings are Slip Fit and you can replace them on your own.

2. If the ring pattern is different than noted, the bearings are Press Fit and you will need to send them in to the factory for replacement.

Video: If your handpiece begins to run hot, it may be the result of excessive grease migrating down the shafting and into the handpiece. The bearings may also be worn and require replacement. Click video links below to learn how to open the handpiece, expose the bearings, wipe clean and/or replace them. Please note that video material for H.44T also applies to H.43T.

Changing bearings, disassembling H.30® Handpiece


Changing bearings, disassembling H.44T Handpiece[/embed]


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