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1-3/4″ Diameter Disc Mandrel, choose 1/4″, 1/8″ or threaded shank

Rubber Disc mandrel with 1/4″ shank for mounting 2″ PSA Sanding Discs in Flex Shaft Handpieces and BL Bench Lathe. Can be made “Velcro® Friendly”. Click ‘More Info’ for details.


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Made in USA. 10,000 RPM Max Speed in Forward Direction ONLY.

Choose :

A-M33 – 1/4″ shank
A-M338 – 1/8″ shank
A-M335 – 1/4-20 threaded shank

Use 1/4″ shank disc mandrel in Foredom Handpieces and on M.BL Lathe with A-CHA-5 Collet Holder. 1-3/4″ Diameter, 1/4″ Shank, 2″ Overall Length.

Use 1/8″ shank disc mandrel in Foredom Handpieces tools or other rotary tools that hold 1/8″ shank accessories. 2″ Overall Length.

Use 1/4-20 threaded shank mandrels in tools that require that thread. At this time we do not offer any rotary tools that use it. 1-1/4″ Overall Length.


This Mandrel can be made ‘Velcro® Friendly’ when used with optional Hook & Loop Discs:

A-10040 Discs with Velcro Hook on one side & PSA on the other and
A-10041 Discs with Velcro Loop on one side & PSA on the other are needed to adhere and re-use 2 PSA backed Sanding Discs with A-M338, A-M33 and A-M335 Mandrels.

Here’s How it’s Done:

1. Remove the psa covering from a A-10040 Velcro® Hook Disc and press the sticky side down onto the mandrel surface.

2. Remove the psa coverings from a A-10041 Velcro® Loop Disc and any Sanding Disc and stick together. (You will want to dedicate a Loop Disc for every Sanding Disc, so be sure to keep a good supply on hand. PSA backings do not retain enough sticking power if separated for usewith other Discs.)

3. Now join the Velcro loop surface on the back side of the Sanding Disc to the Mandrel’s Velcro Hook surface. It’s that easy!

Foredom’s disc mandrels come with different head diameters and shank sizes. When making your selection be sure that the head diameter of the mandrel matches the diameter of the disc you intend to mount. For 1″ and smaller diameter discs, also confirm that the shank size of your mandrel is the same as your handpiece collet or within the capacity of
your handpiece chuck when using a flex shaft machine. For larger 2″ and 3″ diameter accessories, confirm that the shank size of your mandrel is the same as the collet in your collet holder when using a M.BL Lathe. The proper fit will help to insure your safety and keep the accessory running true.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in
SKU - Shank Size

A-M33 – 1/4" shank, A-M335 – 1/4-20 threaded shank, A-M338 – 1/8″ shank