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A-69213 Inner Wheel Arbor

Replacement Inner Wheel Arbor for Foredom’s Angle Grinder.



Using the Inner Wheel Arbor to attach accessories with 3/8″ arbor holes:

1. To remove the flap wheel that comes mounted on your angle grinder insert open-end wrench (A-69218) onto flats on angle grinder spindle through the slot in the open end of the safety shield. You may need to turn spindle to align the flats so the wrench fits securely all the way in.

2. While holding the open-end wrench firmly, insert 3mm hex wrench (A-69219) into wheel mounting screw and turn counterclockwise.

3. Remove 5mm Short Hub with 8mm mounting screw from flap wheel and insert new accessory with the same arbor hole thickness and tighten wheel mounting screw with 3mm hex wrench while holding the open end wrench to prevent spindle from turning.

4. The Inner Wheel arbor needs to be removed to install a Disc Mandrel (A-69222) for using 2″ psa sanding discs. Remove by holding open end wrench in spindle flats to prevent spindle from turning and inserting pins on Face Spanner Wrench (A-69217) into holes on inner wheel arbor and turning counterclockwise to unscrew and remove.

Make sure your power tool is unplugged when you are changing accessories.