2″ Imperial Microfinishing PSA Discs 15 micron, 10-Pks

2″ Imperial Microfinishing PSA Discs 15 micron, 10-Pks

SKU: A-4592-10.


Use wet or dry on metal or stone for gentle, contoured polishing. 2″ dia (51mm) discs. Select for grade/grit.

10 discs per pack.

Use Product Options Menu Above to Select 10-Packs of Specific Micron/Grit:

15 Micron/600 Grit (A-4592-10)


1. For Use in Handpieces: Use with A-M338 and M33 Mandrels when mounting discs directly into Flex Shaft Handpieces.

2. For Use on BL Bench Lathe: Use with A-M33 Mandrel and A-CHA-5 Collet Holder when mounting discs for use on Bench Lathe.

3. For Use on Angle Grinder Attachment: Use with A-10041 PSA Velcro Disc and A-69222 Disc Mandrel when mounting discs onto Angle Grinder.

Imperial Microfinishing film psa discs from 3M can be used wet or dry on metal or stone. High strength polyester film backing is coated with premium, micron graded aluminum oxide particles for greater cutting efficiency and resin bonded for increased durability. This fast-cutting abrasive provides gentle, contoured polishing. Use with disc mandrels A-M33 and A-M338. Made in USA. 10,000 RPM Max Speed.

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in
SKU - Micron Grade - Grit

A-4591-10 – 9 – 1,200, A-4592-10 – 15 – 600, A-4593-10 – 30 – 400, A-4594-10 – 40 – 320, A-4596-10 – 60 – 220, A-4598-10 – 80 – 180


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