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2-3/4″ Diameter Disc Mandrel, 1/4″ Shank


A-M4 Disc Mandrel, 1/2″ Diameter, 1/8″ Shank

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AK3371 Wayne Werner Bench Lathe Polishing Kit, 57-Pc


57-pc Assortment with Cotton Buffs, Compound, and Scotch-Brite Discs for use on BL Lathe to polish precious metals, finish pewter and white metals. Click ‘More Info’ for video and instructions.


Wayne Werner, jeweler, craftsman and Foredom demonstrator, developed this polishing accessory assortment kit for use with Foredom’s BL Bench Lathe. See video clip below product listing.

AK3371 Kit Includes:

57-pc Assortment with Cotton Buffs, Compound, and Scotch-Brite Discs for use on BL Lathe to pre-polish and polish precious metals, finish pewter and white metals. Also remove scratches and sprue marks. Clean insides of rings and solder joints.

• 2 each of 3 Soft Cotton Buffs and Square Edge Solid Felt Buffs

Max Speed Rating: 5,000 rpm

Cotton Buffs are for final polishing with compound on precious metals (especially high karat gold and silver). Shellac reinforced center pin holes for tight fit on tapered mandrels. Square Edge Solid Felt Buffs are made of tightly compressed wool felt in rock hard density for polishing in grooves and crevices and have pin hole centers for mounting on tapered spindles. Use with compounds for cutting or polishing.

•Polishing Compounds

  • Platinum Blue 5-oz. bar for pre-polishing and cutting down of platinum and other metals and final polishing acrylics.
  • Platinum White 5.75-oz. bar for final polishing. Produces a deep luster high color final polish on platinum, gold, silver, and all metals.

• 6 each of 3M Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle 3″ Discs in 80, 120, 220, 400, 1200, 3000 and 14,000 grits

Max Speed Rating: 20,000 rpm, recommended speed much lower and varies by grit: 80 grit is 3,000 to 15,000; 120, 220 & 400 grit is 3,000 to 18,000; 1,200, 3,000 & 14,000 grit is 1,750 to 7,500.

These are molded plastic discs embedded with aluminum oxide mineral and a blend of patented 3M Cubitron a tough, long lasting ceramic aluminum oxide mineral with sharper edges than regular aluminum oxide. The abrasive filled bristles apply a continuous fresh supply of mineral to the work piece and dont require compounds. The flexible bristles reach into grooves and contours on irregular surfaces or work on flat areas.

•  Tapered Spindle Adapters with 3/8 arbor hole for mounting Radial Bristle Discs onto tapered spindles of lathe: Two A-4561 Adapters (black) for right side mounting and seven A-4562 Adapters (gray) for left side mounting.

Description of Kit Contents and Uses

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Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 5.5 in