Foredom Tools Last for Decades

As the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world, we also offer micromotors, bench lathes, handpieces, attachments, and accessories. Foredom tools set the standard for quality, power and performance.

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Flex Shaft Motors

Foredom’s flex shaft motors give you long-lasting quality, performance & value... Characteristics that cheaper brands, just can’t match.

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We pursue continuous improvement and innovation to support the needs of our customers.

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Popular Categories

Foredom rotary tools & flexible shaft machines are built to industrial standards.


Micromotors are great for precise, high speed work.

Powerful, variable speed bench lathe in compact size for use at the workbench.

Foredom has a wide variety of dust collection options.

Handpieces are the hand-held – and necessary part of a flexible shaft machine (motor-speed control + handpiece).


& Other Tools

Attachments for handieces, kits, holders and more!

best quality and selection of accessories for accomplishing what you do best!


Maintenance and replacement parts

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