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Why choose a FOREDOM For PORTING?
-Runs strong and smooth at all speeds. The SR motor has a reverse option.
-Runs quiet – about 55 DBA compared to 95 DBA of an air grinder.
-No motor chatter or gear noise.
-Save time and energy. No loud expensive compressor is needed.
-Handpiece is Lightweight. Smooth handle grip makes it so easy to control and use. -The H.44T handpiece is smaller in diameter than the air die grinders. Smaller makes for better visibility inside.
-Bits and burs fit properly and make porting smoother and quicker.
-The H.44T handpiece accepts ¼” shank burs up to 6” or even 7” long.

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SR or TX motor?

SR Motors:
Our Most Popular Motor Has The Power And Speed Needed For Most Jobs Without Stalling Or Slowing Down While Under Normal Load. Runs In Both Forward And Reverse. *Comes In 115 And 230 Volt Horsepower: 1/6 HP Maximum Speed: 18,000 RPM Rotation: Forward & Reverse. —Available in Key Tip or Square Drive Shafting.–

TX motors: are for Extra Power / Torque For The Most Demanding Work– Hogging Out Large Quantities. Offers Excellent Control Of The Cutting Tool, Drill, Or Bur Under Load. *Comes Only In 115V* Horsepower: 1/3 HP Maximum Speed: 15,000 RPM Rotation: Forward

Ket Tip or Square Drive shafting?

Key Tip – Standard Shafting
85% Of Foredom Flexible Shaft Machines Use A 39“ Long Key Tip Shaft. Foredom Offers 17 Key Tip Handpieces To Fit These Shafts. With A Torsional Breaking Point of 24 In.-Lb.

Square Drive – Heavier Shafting
Square Drive Shafting Is Thicker, Less Flexible, Usually 63” Long And Can Connect To 4 Square Drive Handpieces. With A Torsional Breaking Point Of 50 In.-Lb. (Compared With 24 In.-Lb. For Key Tip Shafting). For Unusually Large Or Difficult Jobs, Square Drive Shafting May Be A Good Choice. * For Use On SR, TX, And LX Motors. Must Use Compatible Square Drive Handpiece.