Extra long-lasting Unmounted Silicone Bonded Wheels have silicon carbide, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide abrasive compound in a silicone binder. They are suitable for grinding, smoothing, and cleaning glass, high speed steel, and other tough materials. 22 mm (.866″) diameter x 3.5 mm (.137″) thick 1/16″ Arbor Hole


In Packs of 50:

A-SW239-50 – Extra Fine – Blue-green

A-SW237-50 – Fine – Green

A-SW235-50 – Medium – Orange

A-SW233-50 – Coarse – Black

Use with A-M1, A-M6, A-M13, A-M15 or A-M19 mandrels.

10,000 RPM Max Speed. Made in USA.





Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions N/A
SKU - Grit - Color

A-SW233-50 – Coarse – Black, A-SW235-50 – Medium – Orange, A-SW237-50 – Fine – Green, A-SW239-50 – Extra Fine – Blue-green


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