Tapered Spindles for Foredom M.BL Bench Lathe

Tapered Spindles for Foredom M.BL Bench Lathe

SKU: A-TM5 - A-TM6 - A-TM3 - A-TM4.


IMPORTANT: Tapered Spindles are Left and Right Side Specific. See Product Options for spindles that fit current lathes with 5/16″ motor shafts and much older models with 1/4″ motor shafts.


Use Product Options Menu to Select Tapered Spindle:

Current Foredom M.BL Bench Lathes NEWER than 2002 with 5/16″ motor shafts:

Left Side Spindle (as you face the lathe): A-TM5 /post-2002 with 5/16″ motor shafts

Right Side Spindle(as you face the lathe): A-TM6 /post-2002 with 5/16″ motor shafts

Lathes older than 2002 with 1/4″ motor shafts:

A-TM3 – Left Side Spindle / pre-2002

A-TM4 – Right Side Spindle / pre-2002

Older models (including Nos. 1 & 5 High Speed Bench Grinders) have 1/4″ motor shafts and were built before 2002.

Use for left and right hand mounting of buffs and wheels up to 4″ in diameter. Also for Spindle and Hub Adapters.


SKU - Side - Lathe Model

A-TM3 – Left – pre-2002 1/4″ motor shaft, A-TM4 – Right – pre-2002 1/4″ motor shaft, A-TM5 – Left – 2002 & newer 5/16" motor shaft, A-TM6 – Right – 2002 & newer 5/16″ motor shaft


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