S-10801-NC Non-Conductive Sheath for SRH, TXH and LXH motors, 63-1/8″ long

S-10801-NC Non-Conductive Sheath for SRH, TXH and LXH motors, 63-1/8″ long

SKU: S-10801-NC.


Optional 63-1/8″ long, Non-Conductive, Heavy Duty outer sheath for square drive shafts for replacement on Series SRH, TXH, and LXH motors.

Optional 63-1/8″ long, heavy duty outer sheath with plastic, non-conductive coupling. Includes SS10819 silencer spring. Use with S-10827-NC non-conductive, square drive shaft or consider S-10816-NC complete assembly.

This optional sheath is specialized for two reasons – it is both “heavy duty” and “non-conductive”.

Square Drive Shafts and Heavy Duty Sheaths:

Square drive inner shafts are stiffer and heavier than standard key tip models and require a heavy duty outer sheath. Foredom motors equipped with this style shaft and sheath are designated as square drive and have the letter “H” added to their part numbers. You can purchase  an M.SR, M.TX , or M.LX that come equipped with square drive shafts and heavy duty sheaths out of the box. The part numbers will be: M.SRH, M.TXH or M.LXH. Standard key tip shafts and sheaths can be removed from Foredom motors, and you can attach square drive shafting.

Square drive flex shaft machines are the ultimate power tools for deburring, buffing, grinding, polishing, and metal finishing with larger rotary accessories. They are ideal for large scale woodcarving and sculpting jobs with carbide or steel burs and larger mounted grinding stones.

Keep in mind:

1. They connect ONLY to our four ‘square drive’ handpieces – H.25H, H.30H, H.28H, and H.44HT and CANNOT be used with any of our 20+ standard key tip connection handpieces, and

2. The sheathing material is stiffer and less flexible than the standard type.

Non-Conductive Shafts and Sheaths:

This non-conductive square drive sheath was developed by our engineers for equine dentists and other users with similar applications in damp environments. It has plastic connectors in place of our standard metal components that prevent the flow of stray current down into the handpiece.


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