Replacement Motor Brushes for Foredom’s 115 Volt MADC20 Dust Collector and 230 Volt MADC20-2 Dust Collector
Power decreases or intermittent power may be a sign that the motor brushes need to be replaced.

To replace them be sure to unplug the power plug and the remote plug.

A. Use a 2mm hex key to unscrew the 10 screws holding the front panel on the unit, placing it to the side without disconnecting the wires.

B. Remove the two Philips head motor mounting screws on the motor mounting bracket.

C. Carefully slide the motor out of the housing. Motor with mounting bracket removed

D. Gently remove the electrical connectors to both motor brushes.

E. Remove the screws holding each motor brush assembly from the motor.

F. Slide the old motor brushes out and insert new ones. Reconnect the electrical connectors to both motor brushes and tighten the screws that hold each motor brush in place. Slide the motor back into the housing, secure the motor to its mounting bracket and replace the front panel making sure you have a good fit and that no wires are being pinched.

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 11 × 1 in


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