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K.8410 – TX Hang-Up Motor, Table Top Dial Control and H.44T Handpiece

K.8410 has C.EMX table top dial control + H.44T collet style handpiece



Flex Shaft Tool Sets include popular combinations of motors, speed controls, and handpieces – the three key components of a complete flexible shaft machine. Unlike our Pre-Packed Kits, they do NOT come with any accessory assortments, but do include a tube of grease. Sets come packed in a white box.

Motor and Speed Control carry a 2 Year Limited Warranty.


Series TX Motor:

Foredom’s most powerful flex shaft machines with 1/3HP have permanent magnet DC motors that feature the latest in flex shaft technology. These ball bearing models utilize advanced rare earth magnets (in place of the wound fields in our universal type Series SR motors) that deliver more torque at the low end and throughout the entire speed range of 500 to 15,000 RPM. No other flex shaft gives you greater control of the cutting tool, drill, or bur under any load. Comes equipped with a motor bale for hanging, and our standard 39″ long key tip inner shaft and outer sheath for connecting to any of Foredom’s key tip compatible handpieces.

Speed Controls: TX speed controls have a different style plug that is made to fit the motor’s shielded-type plug to avoid any confusion with other motors you might own.
C.EMX looks the same as our standard table top variable speed control and it may be positioned anywhere on a work surface. The hand dial is used to adjust and set speed. This manual style control allows you to maintain and return to a desired speed, time and again by marking the setting on the dial. The C.EMX also has a replaceable fuse that protects the electronics during power surges and work overloads.

Flexible shaft grease

Handpieces- All of these handpieces attach to key tip shafts:

H.44T Handpiece collet style handpiece is popular among woodcarvers as it accommodates larger accessories with shank diameters up to 1/4″. It comes with 3/32″, 1/8″ and 1/4″ collets. The tapered design allows for close and safe work.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12.25 × 4.5 in