K.5230 Gourd Carving Kit

K.5230 Gourd Carving Kit

SKU: K.5230.


Includes M.SRM bench mounted motor with built-in speed control, H.30 handpiece, 14-pc accessory kit with rotating bur holder, respirator, more.

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PrePackaged Tool Kits contain just about everything you need to get to work- motor, speed control, handpiece and accessories. They take the guesswork out of product selection, offer the best value, and feature smart tool combinations for specific applications.


Motor and Speed Control carry a 2 Year Limited Warranty.


1. M.SRM Motor – bench style version of Foredom’s 1/6 HP Series SR motor has an integrated dial speed control built into its cast-iron base for manual speed adjustment and easy placement anywhere on the workbench.

Foredom’s 1/6 HP, universal, flexible shaft machine runs in forward and reverse rotation at speeds up to 18,000 RPM. The M.SRM combines the most important features our customers expectpower, reversibility, reliability, and versatility all into one motor. It comes equipped with our standard 39″ long key tip inner shaft and outer sheath for connecting to any of Foredom’s kit tip compatible handpieces.


2. Built-in Speed Control – dial is used to adjust and set speed. This manual style control allows you to maintain and return to a desired speed, time and again, by using the motor on/off switch rather than the speed control to power up the unit.

3. H.30 Handpiece – general purpose handpiece with 3-jaw, geared chuck with a 0-5/32″ capacity. Accessory changes are easy with this handpiece using the supplied HPCK-0 Chuck Key in molded plastic handle.

4. AK52 Accessory Kit – 14-pc. assortment kit with Typhoon and other carving burs.

5. Rotating Bur and Tool Holder

6. Respirator Mask, Handpiece Grip, Brass Brush and more

7. Flex shaft grease


Motor Details:

The 1/6 hp, ball bearing Series SR has 33% more power than our older 1/8 hp motors, and 66% more than our original 1/10 hp models. The added power helps to reduce stalling or slowing down under normal workloads.

Advantages of Running in Reverse:

Left handed users have more control of the cutting tool

Reverse helps to keep dust and other debris flying away from right handed users

Alternating motor direction helps to extend the life of certain abrasives

Reverse helps with accomplishing symmetrical grinding and carving techniques

Reverse makes it easier to back out stuck drill bits

Alternating motor direction makes it easier and faster to polish metals



M.SRM motors are available in both 115 Volt and 230 Volt.

Digital Version (810KB .pdf) of Woodcaving Manual:
Prior to the release of Fur, Feathers, and Fins, we packed a Carving Manual in all of our woodcarving power tool kits. Hard copies of the manual are no longer available, however, a digital version is available by clicking on link below. The Manual offers Step-by-Step Instruction for 3 Carving Projects: 1.Spoon, 2. Canvasback Duck, 3. Hummingbird Pin.



Weight 12 lbs


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