Foredom Micromotors


Videos feature Foredom’s line of Brush Type, Portable K.1030, and K.1050 and K.1060 Brushless Micromotors:

    1. Overview of Foredom’s “Brush Type” K.1070, K.1020, K.1080 and K.1090 Micromotor
      Kits which use the same control box. Video identifies unique and shared kit components.
    2. K.1070 – Changing Accessories and Collet
    3. K.1070 – Changing Motor Brushes
    4. K.1070 Micromotor – Changing Fuse
    5. Overview of Foredom’s Brushless K.1050 Micromotor Kit (earlier 1-port version) we are
      working on a video of the current one that has 1 port for brushless and one port for brush-type handpieces!
    6. With Foredom’s HP4-920 Micromotor Splitter Box you can keep any 2 brush-type
      handpieces that work with the HP4-917, HP4-817 or HP4-817-2 Control Unit plugged in and ready to use!
    7. K.1050 – Changing Accessories and Collets
    8. K.1030 – Portable Micromotor with Built-in Lithium Ion Battery
    9. How to change collets in the new K.1060 Brushless Micromotor Handpiece.
    10. Getting started with the K.1060 Brushless Micromotor Handpiece.
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