Foredom Rotary Accessories: Burs, Bits, Buffs and more Videos

Foredom’s mission is to offer the best quality and most comprehensive selection of rotary accessories for accomplishing what you do best— whether you’re a jeweler, woodcarver, machine shop operator, lab technician, artisan, or home shop enthusiast.

Foredom Rotary Accessory Kit AK11 for Jewelers explained by Melissa Muir

Foredom’s New Mounted Silicone and Rubber Points – Foredom by Oro

Intro to new Mounted Accessories – Foredom by Oro

Intro to new Accessory Assortments – Foredom by Oro

Polishing with Mounted Brushes – Foredom by Oro Brushes & Felt Bobs plus Foredom Polishing Compounds

Using Satin Finishers – Foredom by Oro

Melissa Muir explains 3 kits for use with Foredom’s Bench Lathe

Ring and Bracelet Buffs Foredom by Oro with Melissa Muir

Shaping the Anvil Points in AK101, the 6-piece Anvil Point Kit with Melissa Muir