Victoria Lansford, Artist, Teacher, Author

“As a teacher, one of the things I tell all of my students’ is that the quality of their finishing makes or breaks whether a piece is successful.  Good “clean up” requires so much more than simply grinding off the solder blobs and trying to make things shiny. Whether it’s matte or high polished, a well finished piece of jewelry or metalwork allows the wave of light to glide across its surface unbroken. Foredom products allow me to achieve this look with exceptional ease.

My S series Flex Shaft has helped me finish hundreds of pieces and twist miles of filigree wire. Now, my K.1050 Brushless Micromotor has cut my finishing time in half, and its light-weight, easy to hold handpiece is gentler on my hands and wrists, allowing me to work more effectively and for longer periods of time. Foredom’s genius, height adjustable Mobile Work Station with Lighted Work Chamber and MADC20 Dust Collector keeps my studio clean, my grindings recyclable, and my back and neck from aching! The stand’s ergonomic features are essential to my continuing to work as I age and heal from typical jeweler’s repeat use injuries.

Thank you, Foredom, for helping make my work look good!”