Wayne Werner, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Foredom Demonstrator facebook.com/WayneWernerDesign

“Foredom tools have always been a key ingredient to my success as a studio goldsmith. The dependability and versatility of the motors are legendary, but for me… it`s all about the accessories and attachments. As a Foredom product demonstrator, I work at the largest trade shows in the world. I thoroughly enjoy meeting metalsmiths and jewelers from small one person shops to large factories. One thing they all agree on is that knowledge of the attachments and accessories is important.

I spend a great deal of time pointing out new products that have been developed to solve problems, as well as reminding them of the tried and true methods to make their job a little easier. Whether you like the value and versatility of the Series SR, the torque of the LX, the power of the TX , or the speed and light weight of Foredom Micro Motors, it`s what you put IN the tool that matters most.

Also, keep in mind that tools like the #30 hand- piece and the BL Lathe have a HUGE assortment of “ADD ON” attachments that are designed to help you work smarter and NOT harder.”