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Most current and discontinued motors use our Standard S-93 Key Tip Inner Shaft and S-77 Outer Sheath that work with all of our interchangeable Key Tip Handpieces. When motors come equipped with Square Drive shafts and sheaths (shown in video clip above) they are considered 'Heavy Duty' and have the letter 'H' (Series SRH, TXH, LXH). Square Drive shafting is stiffer and less versatile since it works ONLY with our four square drive style handpieces. Most applications do NOT require square drive shafting and standard key tip is best choice. Non-Conductive versions of key tip and square drive shafting are also available. They have plastic connectors in place of our metal ones that prevent stray electricity from traveling down into the handpiece. Slip Joint shafts and sheaths are specialized and used to convert Foredom motors into European models that work only with slip joint type handpieces.
Most users replace worn or broken shafts and sheaths with exactly the same kind that came on their motor, however, it is possible to switch from one style to another. For example, an M.SR motor with Key Tip shafting can be converted to a square drive model by installing a square drive shaft and heavy duty sheath (plus motor connector). The reverse also applies. Square drive models with square drive shafting can be converted into standard models with key tip shafts and sheaths. There are exceptions to this, so be sure to watch the video material and read product details.

Key Tip
39" Key Tip shafts and sheaths come installed on most Foredom motors. This standard shafting works with our broad selection of key tip interchangeable handpieces.
Key Tip Optional Lengths
46-3/8" and 66" Longer length Key Tip Shafts and Sheaths can be installed by users on most motors. Work with our interchangeable handpieces.
Specialized shafting with plastic connectors can be installed on most motors. For equine dentistry and other applications. Both Key tip and Square Drive versions in different lengths.
Square Drive
Thicker Square Drive Shafts and Heavy Duty Sheaths come installed on Series SRH, TXH, LXH and old Series H motors. Work ONLY with 4 square drive handpieces. Users can install this to replace key tip style.
Square Drive Optional Lengths
45-3/4" Shorter length Square Drive Shafts and Heavy Duty Sheaths can be installed by users on most Foredom motors. Work ONLY with our 4 square drive handpieces.
Slip Joint shafts. sheaths and motor connector convert Foredom motors into European type models that work with slip joint style handpieces. Foredom offers 9 slip joint handpieces.