M.SRMH Bench Motor with Built in Dial Control and Square Drive Shafting, 230 Volt

M.SRMH Bench Motor with Built in Dial Control and Square Drive Shafting, 230 Volt

SKU: M.SRMH-2 - M.SRMH-21 - M.SRMH-22 - M.SRMH-26.


230V Bench motor with built-in dial control in cast iron base and specialized square drive shafting. A Square drive handpiece is required and available separately. See Product Options for plug options.


Use Product Options Menu to Select Power Cord Plug Option: -2 for US Plug (M.SRMH-2), -21 for UK Plug (M.SRMH-21), -22 for Continental European (M.SRMH-22) or -26 for Australian Plug (M.SRMH-26).

Here a bench style version of Foredom’s 1/6 HP Series SR motor has an integrated dial speed control built into its cast-iron base for manual speed adjustment and easy placement anywhere on the workbench. It comes equipped with square drive shaft and heavy duty protective sheath for use ONLY with Foredom’s 4 square drive handpieces.

This is a 230 Volt Motor – Control with Two Year Limited Warranty.


M.SRMH Motor Description:

This square drive model has exactly the same motor specifications as the M.SRM. Foredom’s 1/6 HP, universal, flexible shaft machine runs in forward and reverse rotation at speeds up to 18,000 RPM. It combines the most important features our customers expect – power, reversibility, reliability, and versatility – all in one motor. This square drive model comes equipped with a motor bale for hanging, and a 63″ long, square drive shaft and heavy duty protective sheath in place of the standard key-tip shaft and sheath. Square drive shafting ONLY works with Foredom’s 4 square drive handpieces- the H.25H, H.30H, H.44HT and H.28H.

Square drive flex shafts are the ultimate power tools for deburring, buffing, grinding, polishing and metal finishing of any kind with larger rotary accessories. They are great for large scale woodcarving and sculpting applications with carbide or steel burs and larger mounted grinding stones.

Built-in Speed Control Description: The hand dial that is built in to the base is used to adjust and set speed. This manual style control allows you to maintain and return to a desired speed, time and again, by using the motor on/off switch rather than the speed control to power up the unit. Comes with standard 3-prong US style plug unless specified.

Motor Details:

The 1/6 hp, ball bearing Series SR has 33% more power than our older 1/8 hp motors, and 66% more than our original 1/10 hp models. The added power helps to reduce stalling or slowing down under normal workloads.

Advantages of Running in Reverse:

Left handed users have more control of the cutting tool

Reverse helps to keep dust and other debris flying away from right handed users

Alternating motor direction helps to extend the life of certain abrasives

Reverse helps with accomplishing symmetrical grinding and carving techniques

Reverse makes it easier to back out stuck drill bits


M.SRH motors are available in both 115 Volt and 230 Volt.

Handpieces are available separately and Required to Operate your Flex Shaft Machine.
H.25H, H.30H, H.44HT and H.28H are Foredom’s four square drive handpieces that work with this motor-speed control combination and are shown below under Related Products.





Weight 11.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 6 in
SKU - Power Plug

M.SRMH-2 – North America, M.SRMH-21 – United Kingdom, M.SRMH-22 – Continental Europe, M.SRMH-26 – Australia


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