M.LX Hang-Up Motor with C.SXR-2 Foot Control

M.LX Hang-Up Motor with C.SXR-2 Foot Control



Hang-up motor with key tip shafting plus foot control in heavy metal housing. A Handpiece is required for operation and comes separately. Select option for power plug.


Use Product Options Menu to Select Power Cord Plug Option: -2 for US Plug (M.LX-SXR-2), -21 for UK Plug (M.LX-SXR-21), -22 for Continental European (M.LX-SXR-22), or -26 for Australian Plug (M.LX-SXR-26).Here our high torque/low speed flex shaft model, the M.LX Hang-up style Motor, is teamed up with the C.SXR-2 foot operated Speed Control in metal housing.This is a 230 Volt Motor-Control combination with a Two Year Limited Warranty.

M.LX Motor  permanent magnet motors are specifically designed for high torque/low speed applications, offering more power for jobs like stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl drilling.
M.LX, M.LXM, and M.LXB ball bearing motors feature full power and torque from start up and throughout the entire speed range up to 5,000 rpm. They are ideal for use with Foredoms drill presses. They also are well matched with the H.15 and H.15D Hammer Handpieces. It comes equipped with a motor bale for hanging, and our standard 39″ long key tip shafting for connecting to any of Foredoms quick disconnect handpieces.M.LX motors are available in 115 Volt and 230 Volt.

Foredoms permanent magnet motors require the use of a TXR-2, SXR-2, or EMX-2 speed control. Damage will result if the motor is connected to any other speed control.
C.SXR-2 Speed Control foot operated speed control comes in a metal housing and the extra weight provides added stability and control. It features the same durable, solid state electronics as the C.TX2. The ergonomics allow precise and reliable speed control with your foot. The C.SXR-2 has special electronics that converts AC current from an electrical outlet to DC current- the type required by the motor. It also has a special plug that fits the motor’s shielded plug.

For use with 230 Volt M.LX, M.LXB, M.LXH and M.LXBH motors.
6-3/4″ long, 4″ wide, 2-3/8″ high, ship wt-6 lbs./2.7 kg.
It is interchangeable with Foredom’s C.TXR-2 and C.EMX-2 controls.

Handpieces are available separately and Required to Operate your Flex Shaft Machine. Click on this link to see our extensive line of handpieces. The Foredom flex shaft system is designed to allow interchangeability of most handpieces.

Hang-Up style motors require the use of a motor hanger (available separately) to secure the tool above the work bench. See Related Products below.


Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 6 in
SKU - Power Plug

M.LX-SXR-2 – North America, M.LX-SXR-21 – United Kingdom, M.LX-SXR-22 – Continental Europe, M.LX-SXR-26 – Australia


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