Fine Weave Muslin Buff, A-CBF4

Fine Weave Muslin Buff, A-CBF4



Web Special Pricing !!! Fine Weave White Muslin 4″ Buff (80 x 80) with shellac center holes. For general purpose polishing with compounds.

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4″ x 40 Ply x 3 Rows of Stitching (A-CBF4)- Web Special Pricing on A-CBF4 at $1.50 each!!

White Muslin Fine Weave (80 x 80) Buffs hold compounds well and tighter weave results in longer life. Combed edges do not need breaking in or combing to hold compound. The center pin holes are reinforced with shellac (S) for a tight fit on tapered mandrels and greater durability. The fine weave and stitching make them durable and especially suitable for polishing with rouge.

Made in USA.

Use on tapered spindle of M.BL Lathe at 5,000 RPM Max Speed.

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in


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