AK89110 Filer Attachment with Carrying Case- No Handpiece

AK89110 Filer Attachment with Carrying Case- No Handpiece

SKU: AK89110.


Quality machined attachment for H.30 Handpiece. Offers reciprocating (not rotary) power assist for filing operations. Handpiece NOT included in this kit.

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Foredom’s New Filer attachment is a quality-machined, sturdy and compact device designed for use with our popular H.30® chuck-style handpiece.

Kit AK89110 includes the following, see details below:

Filer head

Mounting tools

Handpiece grip

Needle File Set and EDM Abrasive Stones

Plastic carrying case (AP1131 not shown in photo)

It does NOT include a handpiece

Partnered with our flex shaft machine and handpiece, the Filer offers a power assist to tiresome hand filing operations and can be used to file, hone, polish and lap on straight and curved surfaces.

The aluminum Filer housing has a pistol grip for ergonomic, easy handling.

Holds tools with shank sizes from 2.35mm (3/32) to 6.4mm (1/4).

Stroke length can be adjusted from 0mm up to 5mm.

Noise level does not exceed 61db at 4,000 SPM.

Comes prelubricated and never requires any additional lubrication.

Has 2.5 : 1 belt drive reduction and runs at a maximum input motor speed of 10,000 RPM, the equivalent of 4,000 SPM.

Dimensions: 7-5/8 from top of Filer head to bottom of installed handpiece, 14.6 oz filer head only, 20.5 oz with handpiece.

Our new Dual Speed Range Dial Control is recommended since it has a LO setting that restricts speed to the allowable range for Filer operation: between 1,000 10,000 RPM or 400 4,000 SPM. The switch also allows you to return the filer to its optimum speed setting without having to adjust the dial setting. The HI setting permits use with rotary handpieces at regular speeds.

Use in Forward Rotation ONLY.

One-Year Limited Warranty.

Filer Kit AK89110 includes:

  1. Filer Head
  2. HP89016 Drive Belt, 2 supplied- one comes installed and the other is a spare
  3. A-891016 Small Hex Key, 1.5mm
  4. UA121 Long Hex Key, 3mm
  5. A-69210 Drive Cup (same for Angle Grinder and Belt Sander Attachments)
  6. A-891012 Abrasive Stone Holder made of hardened steel with 1/4 shank. Holds bars up to 10mm wide and 5mm thick and rods up to 3.18mm (1/8) in diameter. Comes with A-891015 Hex Wrench, 2.5mm
  7. A-891014 V-Block Inserts, 2 supplied
  8. A-69219 Hex Key, 3mm (same for Angle Grinder and Belt Sander Attachments)
  9. A-891013 Face Spanner Wrench
  10. HPG-30 Handpiece Grip 1/8 rubber cushion
  11. AK89101NF  5-Pc Diamond Needle File Set with flat, half round taper, round taper, square taper and oval taper. All 3mm diameter shanks and 150 grit
  12. EDM Abrasive Stones: 1 each of 120 grit A-894120, 220 grit A-894220 and 400 grit A-894400
  13. AP1131 Plastic Carrying Case

Weight .25 lbs


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