AK69109 2″ Angle Grinder Attachment for Stone Carvers – No Handpiece

AK69109 2″ Angle Grinder Attachment for Stone Carvers – No Handpiece

SKU: AK69109.


Quality machined attachment for H.30 type Handpiece uses 2″ accessories selected specifically for stone carving. Watch video for details about the 2″ Angle Grinder.

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H.30®, H.30H, or H.30SJ required. Does not include Handpiece. This kit includes the same hardware, mandrels and tools as the AK69110 Kit.

Foredom’s Angle Grinder attachment is designed for use with our most popular H.30 Chuck-Style Handpiece. This quality-machined, sturdy, and compact device works with 2″ and smaller discs and 2″ wheels with 3/8″ arbor holes. We offer 100+ accessories for this versatile product that can be used to grind, sand, and polish on various types of materials including metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramics, bondo and more. A Screw-Lok mandrel and felt wheel have been added to this kit.

The accessories in this specialized Lapidary Kit include items for Stone Carving. See Kit contents below.

Optimum Operated Speed: 10,000 to 15,000 RPM, Maximum Speed: 18,000 RPM for short intervals

1 to .75 Gear Reduction

Use in Forward Rotation ONLY.

The difference is the lapidary accessories that come with it:

A-3402 Screw-Lok Felt Wheel, 5/16″ thick for polishing and lapping on stone, metals, plastics and more. Use with compounds.

PSA Sanding and Velcro® Discs for use with Velcro Hook-Type Disc Mandrel:
A-4454– 320 grit/45 micron, A-4455– 400 grit/30 micron, A-4456– 600 grit/20 micron, A-4457– 1,200 grit/9 micron Diamond Microfinishing Discs
A-5752– 60 grit/250 micron Flexible Diamond PSA Disc
A-4583– 4,000 grit/3 micron Diamond Lapping Film Disc
A-10041 PSA Velcro Discs (8-pack) with Loop surface and PSA on other side for attaching PSA Sanding Discs to Mandrel)

We reserve the right to substitute comparable accessories.

One-Year Limited Warranty.


Length: 3-1/8″, Width: 2-1/2″ (at widest), Depth: 2-3/4″

1. Kit and Instructions for Installing Angle Grinder onto Handpiece- Accessories shown are for General Kit and not this specialized Stone Carving Kit:

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in


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