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32-Pc Tune-Up Kit for Old-1/8HP Series S & SR Motors, MSP16

Item Number MSP16
Price $68.00
32-Pc Tune-Up Kits include essential maintenance items that keep motors and handpieces running at peak performance. They can even transform old, discontinued or worn machines into ones that run like new. Four dedicated kits are configured to accommodate Foredom’s line. Featured here is the Kit for old and discontinued 1/8HP Series S & SR motors (these models were made prior to 2005).

MSP16 Tune-Up Kit has a $68 MSRP and retail value over $83. It includes the following:
1. S-93 Key Tip Shaft
2. S-77 Sheath
3. MS10006 Tube of Foredom Grease
4. UA111P Motor Connector
5. UA113-4 Set Screws for Motor Connector, 4-pk
6. HP43 Spring Clip for all Handpieces
7. HP48-4 Catch Ball for all Handpieces, 4-pk
8. HPCK-0 Chuck Key for H.30® Handpieces
9. HP103117 Pin & Wrench Assembly for H.44T Handpieces
10. A-PS83 Screwdriver
11. UA112-4 Set Screws for Key Tip Shafts
12. HP61 Ball Bearings for Motor & Handpiece, 2-pk
13. HPG-30 Handpiece Grip for H.30® Handpieces
14. UA105 Hanging Bale for 1/8HP S & SR Motors
15. UA106S-4 Shoulder Screws for 1/8HP S & SR Motor Bales
16. MP2019P Motor Brush Pair for 1/8HP S & SR Motors
17. MP120 Motor Brush Caps for 1/8HP S & SR Motors, 2-pk

The key to a Foredom’s longevity is maintenance. Over the life of a machine, users can expect to clean, lubricate and, ultimately replace shafts, sheaths, and motor brushes. Motor and handpiece bearings may also wear over time, and, depending on the level of use, these components may require replacement. The fact that users can install new parts and perform routine maintenance without having to send the tool back to the factory, let alone replace it altogether, offers obvious advantages. The financial burden is minimized, as is the potential for lost production time. Best of all, the user is in control and Foredom is available to support their efforts with a knowledgeable customer service team and a robust website with a library of parts diagrams, instruction manuals, how-to videos, and other reference materials.