Kate Wolf, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Teacher wolftools.com

“I love my Foredom Drill Press. I use it to prepare waxes. I use a Wolf Cylinder Bur to mill the surface of my waxes to the correct dimensions–– this technique is way more accurate and faster than using a file or sanding screen. I also use the Foredom Drill Press to mill open bezels- it is fantastic for this purpose as it makes the walls perfectly vertical, and it creates a level shelf for the stone. If I am milling open a bezel on a ring, I put the ring blank in my Foredom Vise, make sure the ring top is level, and cut my seat. Dreamy!

Thank you, Foredom for making quality tools. My first flex shaft lasted me 34 years! (It probably would have lasted longer if I did some routine maintenance on it…).”