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H.MH-120 Brush Type High Torque, Chuck Style

Item Number H.MH-120
Price $325.00
H.MH-120 features extra power and a geared 3-jaw #0 chuck that takes any size rotary accessory or drill bit with shanks up to 5/32" (4mm) diameter. Used for deburring cast pieces, polishing, taking down weld seams, and moderate to heavy grinding and rapid stock removal in metal and wood. It comes with a chuck key in molded plastic handle.
20,000 RPM Maximum Operating Speed.

Handpiece Specifications:
length= 8-3/32" / 205.8 mm, weight=1-lb. 2-oz / 510 grams, diameter= 1-1/64" / 26mm at chuck end, CE compliant.

Comes supplied in Kit K.1020 and Dual Handpiece Kit K.1055. Also works with the same HP4-917 Control Unit that comes with Micromotor Kits K.1070, K.1080 and K.1090.