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Welcome to Foredom!

We hope you are having a Creative Summer!

Summer months are a perfect time to do the projects we’ve been meaning to do. Whether you are a jeweler, woodcarver, custom fabricator, scientist, technician, engineer, conservator, equine dentist, designer, luthier, sculptor, artisan, crafter, or home shop enthusiast Foredom tools and rotary accessories offer precision, power and reliable performance.

Founded in 1922, Foredom Electric Co. has maintained continuous manufacturing operations in Connecticut since 1955. Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From flexible shaft machines, to specialized motors, handpieces and bench top attachments and accessories, Foredom tools set high standards.

If your project requires carving, sanding, grinding, deburring, cleaning, buffing, drilling and polishing on all types of material–wood, metal, plastic, glass and stone Foredom tools and rotary accessories will help you do your best!

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