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Flex Shaft Handpieces

Handpieces are required to operate a flexible shaft machine (motor-speed control combination) and Foredom offers an extensive selection. 
  • Key Tip/Interchangeable Handpieces - Except for Square Drive and Slip Joint models, Foredom handpieces have Quick Disconnect back ends that allow users to switch them out and install on to our standard Key Tip style shafting. We call these handpieces Interchangeable and offer General Purpose, Quick Change, Special Use, and Duplex Spring models.
  • Square Drive Handpieces - 4 Models for attaching to heavy duty, square drive shafting (style of shafting that comes on Series SRH, TXH, LXH motors).
  • Slip Joint Handpieces - 9 Models for attaching to European machines with slip joint connections and Foredom flex shafts equipped with slip joint shafting.
Collets for Handpieces
Removable sleeves hold the shank of a bur, drill bit or mandrel securely in a handpiece.
Handpiece Chuck Keys, Wrenches
Replacement keys and wrenches.
Handpiece Parts, Supplies
Replacement ball bearings, spring clip, catch ball, chuck nuts, grip and more.
Duplex Springs, Duplex Adapters, Shaft Adapters
Add flexibility to handpieces.
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