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Handpieces are required to operate a flexible shaft machine (motor-speed control combination) and Foredom offers an extensive selection. 
  • Interchangeable Handpieces - All of our handpieces, except for Square Drive and Slip Joint models, are  'Interchangeable' and connect to our standard 'Key Tip' style shafting. Foredom offers 19 different General Purpose, Quick Change, Special Use, and Duplex Spring Interchangeable Handpieces.
  • Square Drive Handpieces - 4 models for attaching to heavy duty, square drive shafting (comes on Series SRH, TXH, LXH motors).
  • Slip Joint Handpieces - 9 models for attaching to European machines with slip joint connections.
These interchangeable handpieces are Foredom's most popular since they accommodate accessories with various size shanks. Handpieces come in chuck and collet styles.
These interchangeable handpieces accomodate ONLY 2.35mm (3/32") shank size accessories. Popular among jewelers who make frequent changes of that shank bur.
These interchangeable handpieces are designed for specific jobs. "Hammer" for stone setting, "Chisel" for power chisel carving, "Precision" for production work, and "Speed Increasing" for high speed applications. Also PowerGraver Engraving Handpiece.
These interchangeable handpieces have spring connections and are more flexible than standard models. Used for very delicate work and when more precise control is needed. Recommended for experienced flex shaft users.
These handpieces are REQUIRED for use with our heavy duty, square drive Series SRH, TXH and LXH motors. They are NOT members of Foredom's system of interchangeable handpieces.
These handpieces are REQUIRED for use with European motors that have slip joint connections. These 9 handpieces are NOT members of Foredom's system of interchangeable handpieces.