Foredom videos introduce new products, explain products, discuss safe and effective use of the tools, demonstrate step-by-step maintenance, and show Foredom rotary tools in action.

Foredom Basics

  1. Safety Guidelines
  2. Proper Set Up
  3. Attaching and Removing Handpieces and Accessories
  4. Shaft Lubrication
  5. Shaft Replacement
  6. Motor Maintenance – Removing Dust and Replacing Motor Brushes

Foredom Shafting in Detail (Shafts and Sheaths)

  1. Comprehensive description of Foredom’s shafting styles (Key Tip, Square Drive, Slip Joint and Non-Conductive) plus how to switch from one style to another
  2. ‘How-To’ instructions for lubricating and changing standard Key Tip style shafts and sheaths
  3. ‘How-To’ instructions for lubricating and changing Square Drive shafts and sheaths

Motor Hangers

  1. Instructions for assembling MAMH-1 and MAMH-2 double motor hangers

Foredom’s Work Bench System

Series H Shafting Retrofit Kit

  • Instructions for installing connector/adapter on old Series H motors with square ends on both sides of shaft for using current style shafting

Base and Yoke Assembly (UA10451)

  • Instructions for converting your Foredom Hang Up style flexible shaft machine into a base mounted model

Speed Controls for Use with Flex Shafts

  1. Overview of speed control options
  2. Instructions for changing fuse in all current and older models

Square Drive Handpieces

  • Overview of the 4 styles of these specialized handpieces that work with square drive heavy duty shafting.

H.15 Hammer Handpiece

  • Overview of the H.15 hammer handpiece.

Handpiece Maintenance-Changing Ball Bearings

  1. ‘How-To’ disassemble H.30 Handpiece to degrease components and/or to change out ball bearings
  2. ‘How-To’ disassemble H.44T Handpiece to degrease components and/or to change out ball bearings

Handpiece Maintenance-Adjusting Collets

  1. ‘How-To’ disassemble front end of H.20 Handpiece to adjust holding strength of collet and/or to change out collet.
  2. ‘How-To’ disassemble front end of H.52 Handpiece to adjust holding strength of collet and/or to change out collet.

Foredom Micromotors

  1. Overview of Foredom’s K.1070 High Speed Rotary, K.1020 Chuck Style with High Torque, and K.1080 Hammer Kits
  2. K.1070 – Instructions for changing accessories and collets
  3. K.1070 – Instructions for changing motor brushes
  4. K.1070 – Instructions for changing fuse
  5. NEW Foredom’s HP4-920 Micromotor Splitter Box
  6. Overview of Foredom’s Brushless K.1050 Micromotor Kit
  7. K.1050 – Instructions for changing accessories and collets
  8. K.1030 – Portable Micromotor with Lithium Ion Battery for use on-the-go
  9. K.1060 – Brushless Micromotor introduction
  10. K.1060 – Brushless Micromotor collet changing instructions

Foredom Bench Lathe – Also see Wayne Werner Videos

  1. Overview of Foredom’s M.BL Bench Lathe with Tapered Spindles
  2. Bench Lathe Attachments
  3. Dust Collector and Filter Hoods
  4. Using a Flexade to Convert your Lathe into a Flex Shaft Machine
  5. Ring and Bracelet Buffs Foredom by Oro with Melissa Muir

Foredom Rotary Accessories (Burs, Bits & Buffs)

  1. Foredom Rotary Accessory Kit AK11 for Jewelers explained by Melissa Muir
  2. Foredom’s new Mounted Accessories by Oro
  3. Foredom’s new Accessory Assortments by Oro
  4. Polishing with Mounted Mini Brushes – Foredom by Oro Brushes, Felt Bobs and Polishing Compounds
  5. Polishing with Mounted Silicone and Rubber Points – Foredom by Oro explained by Melissa Muir
  6. Sanding and Grinding Accessories for the Bench Lathe
  7. Ring and Bracelet Buffs Foredom by Oro with Melissa Muir

Angle Grinder for Use with H. 30® Handpieces

  1. Kit Contents and Installing on Handpiece
  2. Using PSA Discs
  3. Using Grinding Wheels
  4. Using Typhoon Tungsten Carbide Discs
  5. Using Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs
  6. Using Abranet Sanding Screens
  7. Using Felt and Cut Off Wheels
  8. Using Quick Change Discs
  9. Using Screw-Lok Mandrel and Accessories

 Jeff Mathews’ AllSet Stone Setting

  1. Pave Setting
  2. Easy Cut Prong Guide for Setting
  3. V Prong Cutting

Wayne Werner’s Work Smarter NOT Harder

  1. Motor Overview
  2. Choice of Interchangeable Handpieces
  3. Polishing with Buffs using the BL Bench Lathe and Filter Hood
  4. Using the K.3340 Bench Lathe Kit with Wheel Mandrel and Collet Holder
  5. Using the Foredom/Wayne Werner AK3375 Sanding Accessories Kit
  6. Using the Foredom/Wayne Werner AK3371 Polishing Accessories Kit

Work Chambers & Dust Collector, MADC20

  1. Dust Hood, MADCH-1
  2. Lighted Work Chamber MALC15
  3. Using the Lighted Work Chamber MALC15 with a compressor
  4. Dust Hood, MADCH-1
  5. Fishmouth with bench pin assembly
  6. Jumbo Work Chamber

Mobile Work Station, MAWS10

Gypsiform Lower Jaw Inserts

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