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Flexible Shaft Machines

Key Tip, Square Drive and Slip Joint models of inner shafts and outer sheaths. Watch video.
Motor Brushes & Caps
Motor Brushes come in pairs and should be replaced when worn. Watch video.
Tune-Up & Maintenance  Kits
Motor specific kits help worn and old motors/handpieces to work as good as new.
Lubricants, Motor Parts
Most motors and handpieces do NOT require lubrication, but there are exceptions. Flexible shafts DO require routine lubrication. Also includes motor connectors, motor bales, commonly used screws.
Speed Control Parts
Foot controls that no longer give you the full motor speed range probably need a trigger switch. Replacement fuses and circuit boards for dial speed controls are also here.
Handpiece Parts, Supplies
Replacement ball bearings, spring clip, catch ball, chuck nuts, duplex springs, grip.
Handpiece Chuck Keys, Wrenches
Included with handpieces but easy to misplace. Chuck opening or collet size need to match accessory shank size.
Collets for Handpieces
Collets are removable sleeves that hold the shank of a bur, drill bit or mandrel securely in a handpiece.