Wayne Werner, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Foredom Demonstrator facebook.com/WayneWernerDesign

“Foredom tools have always been a key ingredient to my success as a studio goldsmith. The dependability and versatility of the motors are legendary, but for me… it`s all about the accessories and attachments. As a Foredom product demonstrator, I work at the largest trade shows in the world. I thoroughly enjoy meeting metalsmiths and […]

Kate Wolf, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Teacher wolftools.com

“I love my Foredom Drill Press. I use it to prepare waxes. I use a Wolf Cylinder Bur to mill the surface of my waxes to the correct dimensions–– this technique is way more accurate and faster than using a file or sanding screen. I also use the Foredom Drill Press to mill open bezels- […]

Geoff Wiley, Luthier & Owner of Jalopy Theater and Music School, Brooklyn, NY jalopy.biz

“I restore and play vintage instruments so I know that something well made will be around for a long time. My Foredom is like my ace in the hole for fine tuning the wood work on all sorts of instruments. Steady torque and control make it one of my favorite tools. I use cone and […]

Andrew Cooperman, Jeweler, Metalsmith, Educator andycooperman.com

“Perhaps the most popular workshop that I teach is on the flexible shaft machine– “It Ain’t Just a Drill” never has an empty seat. What surprises me isn’t the constant demand for the class, it’s how little people have been taught how amazing the flex shaft is. It’s the subject matter that fills the class. […]

Lindsay Minihan, Jeweler, Metalsmith, Educator lindsayminihan.com

“Foredom products have been part of my “jewelry life since the very beginning, so being a passionate advocate comes naturally and I jumped at the opportunity to share my Foredom story. For the past 8 years, I’ve been the director of Metalwerx, a non-profit school and community studio for jewelry making in Massachusetts. I’m also […]

Ronda Coryell, Certified Master Bench Jeweler, Designer, Educator, World Expert on Argentium® Silver rondacoryell.com

“Why I needed Another Foredom… I have a number of Foredom flex shafts and micro-motors set up at the benches in my studio. Because I travel and teach both Nationally and Internationally, I have found that the Portable Foredom Micro-Motor is the perfect tool to travel and teach with. It is lightweight enough to be […]

Jay Medeiros, Builder & Partner of Choppahead, Custom Classic Motorcycles, New Bedford, MA choppahead.com

“Two things matter to me when it comes to building and restoring motorcycles…….details and horsepower!! I love my Foredoms for their ability to get into small places before, during and after a build. I have a TX and an LX, both foot and tabletop dial controls as well as an arsenal of attachments.”

Britt Anderson, Jeweler brittandersonjewelry.com

“I have used Foredom flexshafts and the complimentary hand pieces for the past 30 years. I enjoy the quick change hand piece for it’s efficiency and I love the hammer hand piece for setting jobs. I must say though that my go to on a regular basis is the #30, it’s the mule of the […]

Bruce Fransen, Sculptor, Musician, Arborist brucefransencreations.com

“The heavy duty Foredom TX motor has plenty of power for my large sculptural projects. The well designed hand pieces and accessories greatly improve my production time while reducing fatigue. The overall experience is a vast improvement over any other system I have used.”

Lisa Slovis Mandel, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Teacher lisaslovis.com

“My Foredom Flex Shaft is an essential part of my studio. Sure I know how to make things without it, but it makes production a heck of a lot easier and faster when I have it. My favorite tool with the flex shaft is the snap on sanding discs.”

Floyd Scholz, Master Carver, Teacher vermontraptoracademy.com

“Foredom tools set the standard to which all other flexible shaft rotary tools are compared, and it’s a very high standard indeed! During my 46 years of woodcarving, I can say without reservation that I could never have accomplished what I have in the world of bird carving without my Foredom flexible shaft tool. Foredom […]

Jayne Redman, Jeweler, Inventor, Educator jayneredmanjewelry.com

“When I graduated from the Maine College of Art in 1977 I told my parents that the best present they could give me was a Foredom flexshaft. I am still using it today, 38 years later. What an amazing testimonial to quality workmanship and engineering! I have added to my Foredom flexshaft collection over the […]

Phil Poirier, Master Gem Cutter, Goldsmith, Teacher www.poirierstudio.com

“My life with the Foredom Flexshaft: I bought my first Foredom Flexshaft 43 years ago when I was first starting my jewelry business working out of my parent’s garage. Over the years I’ve acquired many more Foredoms but until just recently gave that first one away to a young artist. I realized at that point […]

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