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Britt Anderson, Jeweler

“I have used Foredom flexshafts and the complimentary hand pieces for the past 30 years. I enjoy the quick change hand piece for it’s efficiency and I love the hammer hand piece for setting jobs. I must say though that my go to on a regular basis is the #30, it’s the mule of the bunch. I have two, one is 30 years old and the other purchased a year+ ago. The newer one turns a bit truer and I use it for accuracy. The old mule, now that one will go with me when I leave this beautiful blue orb. I use it to bezel set round stones 3.5mm and smaller, it makes for a fast clean and euro tight finished product. Another use for the old 30 is for burnishing those small annoying pits and problems in a piece.

You see, I work in gold and the last thing that I want is for a pit to rear it’s ugly head just as I’m making that last rouge sweep across a piece that I spent two days making, you know what I’m talking about. The burnishing head is made out of an old broken bur, the thick end heated and bent. The degree of bend will affect the amount of blunt force applied so try a few angles and lengths but for god’s sake wear eye protection! The tip is rounded and polished and this tool in the mule will return your piece to a finish able state. All of this off center force takes a small toll on the hand piece but I can attest that my 30 year old #30 is still hard at work every day pulling that plow…get two, that’s my free advice.”