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AK797230H Kit with Belt Sander and H.30H Square Drive Handpiece

Item Number AK797230H
Price $134.00
The AK797230H includes Foredom's Belt Sander Attachment, the H.30H Square Drive Handpiece with HPCK-0 Chuck Key, and 10 Belts. A 180 grit belt comes installed and there are 3 each of 100, 180, and 240 grit belts. The H.30H is a specialized handpiece that is used with heavy duty square drive shafting.
The Belt Sander offers a power assist to sanding jobs and can be used to sand and smooth metal, wood, acrylic and composite materials. It is an all metal, quality-machined aluminum device that attaches with ease over the top of the supplied H.30® handpiece (also fits H.30SJ slip joint and H.30H square drive models). It has 3 permanently lubricated ball bearings. Sandpaper belts measuring 7mm (9/32") x 257mm (10-18") come with the attachment and are available separately in 5-packs and assortments.
Specifications: 4-78" long x 1-3/4" wide (at widest) x 2" tall. Ship weight: 1-1/2 lbs.

Please Note: 10mm belts are available for all Sanding Belt Attachments (on website now and/or since 2011) with serial numbers starting with the numbers 11 and higher. Attachments with these serial numbers can use both the 7mm and the 10mm belts. Attachments with serial numbers starting with 09 and lower can use only the 7mm belts. (The first letter of the serial number represents the month the unit was built and has no bearing on the belt width.)

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