About Us

Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From its flagship line of flex shaft machines, to specialized motors, handpieces and bench top attachments and accessories, Foredom tools set the standard in quality, power and performance.

Advantages of Foredom Flex Shafts Over Other Types of Hand-held Electric and Air Driven Power Tools

  • Variable Speed– foot operated or table top dial controls allow users to find just the right speed for the accessory, material, and application up to 18,000 rpm.
  • Handpieces are slim, light weight and smooth running–the vibration, noise, and heat associated with hand held electric or air motors in electric or air tools are eliminated by having the flex shaft motor positioned above and out of the way of the workpiece. The broad and interchangeable selection of Foredom handpieces also adds tremendous versatility to the product line. Handpieces are available with either collets or chucks for holding rotary accessories and drills with shanks from 1/16″ to 1/4″ in diameter.
  • Reliable and Economical–flex shaft machines have permanently lubricated, ball bearing, fan cooled, universal motors that are easy to maintain and more economical to operate than air tools.
  • Comprehensive Selection of Rotary Accessories–an enormous selection of quality made rotary accessories is available for accomplishing almost any task on virtually any material. In addition to the “standard” offering of cutters, burs, bits, drills, buffs, brushes, wheels, saws and more, Foredom features several exclusive and unique lines including Typhoon® Tungsten Carbide Burs, CeramCut Blue Stones, Premium Plated Diamonds from Dumont®, 3M products including Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs, 3M Micro Graded Wet/Dry Polishing Paper, Unitized Wheels. In 2019 Foredom by Oro accessories were added including quality: finishers, brushes, sanding bands, silicone abrasives, rubber abrasives, sandpaper rolls and sanding sticks.

In addition to flex shaft machines, Foredom also makes and sells other bench top tools including:

  • BL Lathe
  • Micromotors
  • Drill Presses
  • Wax Carver
  • Dust Collection Equipment
  • Work Bench System
  • Mobile Work Station

Company History

  • 1922Founded

    Foredom Electric Company was founded in 1922 by a German immigrant. The first Foredom factory was located in New York City at 27 Park Place, New York City. Foredom is one of the first companies in the United States that manufactured Flex Shaft Machines

  • 1956Moved

    In 1956 the company was moved to Bethel, CT where the company still is located. 

  • 1972Blackstone Industires

    Bill Nelson joined the company in 1972 and was the manager and ran Foredom Electric. During this time Blackstone Industries was formed owning several brands including The Foredom Electric Company. In 1985 Bill purchased Blackstone Industries, which includes Foredom electric.

  • 20132013

    Then in 2013 Richard Milici Jr. purchased Blackstone Industries, LLC. Foredom along with Blackstone’s other brands and continue providing quality tools for artisans worldwide.

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