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3" Satin Finishers, 4 Grits

Price $6.80
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Extra Fine Grit (A-5534), Fine Grit (A-5535), Medium Grit (A-5536), Coarse Grit (A-5537)

Unmounted 3 Satin Finisher Double Ply Wheels with Canvas Reinforced Arbor Holes for use on Tapered Spindles of BL Bench Lathe 
Can also mount onto NEW A-M89 Mandrel for use in Flexible Shaft Handpieces.

New and improved Scotch-Brite Satin Finisher Wheels give metal a soft, medium, or coarse finish. All grades are handy at removing firescale from sterling silver and copper and can also be used to prepare pieces for polishing. Wheels perform well around all types of contoured surfaces and give a uniform finish. They stay together better than traditional satin finishers therefore creating less dust and particles in the air.

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