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K.2293 PowerGraver Kit

Item Number K.2293
Price $650.00
The PowerGraver provides a power assist to stone setting and engraving operations. It is a dedicated unit with specialized components used for Bead, Prong, Channel, Hammer and Bezel Setting, Engraving and other Decorative Work.

Two-year limited warranty on motor and control. 

Main Components:
1. M.PGX Motor
is designed for high torque/low speed applications with permanently lubricated ball bearings for quiet trouble-free performance. The smooth running, permanent magnet motor comes equipped standard length key-tip shaft, an extra flexible neoprene sheath and 6' long power cord. 
2. H.9D Handpiece works and feels like a hand engraving tool with the added advantages of greater control and the ability to adjust the impact force. This collet type handpiece has a special quick disconnect that fits ONLY the M.PGX motor sheath. Comes with 116", 332", 3mm and 18" collets.
3. C.EMGX Dial Speed Control used to vary and set speed from Off to 2,800 RPM.
4. C.FCGX On/Off Foot Switch- Momentary On. This control allows you to turn motor on and off without using the manual switch.
5. 32-minute Instructional DVD.

HP10215 Carbide Stylus, HP10177P Anvil Point, Set of 4 Gravers - #52 Round, #3 Onglette, #2 Bevel, #40 Flat
Flexible Shaft Grease
Handpiece Oil

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