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AK8000 Cobalt Steel Step Drill Set, 10pc

Item Number AK8000
Price $82.00
Set includes Use Product Options Menu Above to Select Head Diameter:
.5mm (A-8005), .7mm (A-8007), .9mm (A-8009), 1.1mm (A-8011), 1.2mm (A-8012), 1.4mm (A-8014), 1.6mm (A-8016), 1.8mm (A-8018), 2.0mm (A-8020), 2.2mm (A-8022)
Drills are solid cobalt steel and outlast high speed steel (HSS) bits 15 to 1.

Speed Recommendations:
Drilling speeds should be between 500 and 10,000 rpm. All drilling should be done with a lubricant. The harder the material (metal) to be drilled and the larger the hole size, the slower the drill speed.
Material                            1mm (1/16) Drill                 2.35mm (3/32) Drill        
Aluminum                          7,000-8,000                           5,000-6,000                 
Mild Steel                          3,000-3500                            2,000-3,000                 
Stainless Steel                  1,000-2,000                            500-1,000                    
Brass, Silver, Copper         5,500-6,500                           4,000-5,000