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Phil Poirier, Master Gem Cutter, Goldsmith, Teacher

"My life with the Foredom Flexshaft:  I bought my first Foredom Flexshaft
43 years ago when I was first starting my jewelry business working out of my parent’s garage. Over the years I’ve acquired many more Foredoms but until just recently gave that first one away to a young artist. I realized at that point that it had lasted over 40 years with only the occasional brush and sheath replacements being necessary. I can’t think of any other tool that is so well-used on a jewelers bench which has that kind of longevity. 

My parents were raised during depression of the 1930’s and instilled in me the philosophy of “Buy once, buy well”. This philosophy has always served me well, when I adhered to it!  On occasion I’d try to get away with buying the low-cost alternative and always ended up with regrets!

Currently we have 11 Foredoms of varying models in use most days. I keep two on each of our 4 benches, one TX for high speed and one LX for high torque, and one TX on each of the 3 lathes. I love having the angle grinder handpiece for quick deburring on the lathe. The quick change handpiece is a big time saver and allows me to change between bits super-fast. The broad spectrum of available accessories makes it my first go-to tool for most tasks. I really can’t imagine life without a Foredom, or three!

Jayne Redman, Jeweler, Inventor, Educator


"When I graduated from the Maine College of Art in 1977 I told my parents that the best present they could give me was a Foredom flexshaft. I am still using it today, 38 years later. What an amazing testimonial to quality workmanship and engineering! I have added to my Foredom flexshaft collection over the years, as my business has grown, along with multiple styles of handpieces.
Recently Foredom introduced two new tools that have become my favorite studio essentials - The Work Bench System and The Bench Lathe. The Bench Lathe replaced my big polishing lathe. I am thrilled with the compact size, high speed performance and the accessories available for it. It has dramatically speeded up production by giving me the ability to quickly switch between finishing processes.
I can't imagine being without my new Work Bench System.  I love being able to swing an organized collection of tools close to me and select one easily, especially as I need magnification to work properly these days! Now my bench top remains clear for the projects I am working on with the LED light illuminating them across my workspace. I have along history with the Foredom Electric Company and I look forward to enjoying the products they introduce in the future! Like many of us, I actually got into jewelry making for the tools!" 

Floyd Scholz, Master Carver, Teacher

"Foredom tools set the standard to which all other flexible shaft rotary tools are compared, and it's a very high standard indeed! During my 46 years of woodcarving, I can say without reservation that I could never have accomplished what I have in the world of bird carving without my Foredom flexible shaft tool.
Foredom tools are an indispensable
 part of my tool arsenal and aways perform perfectly even under daily rigorous and punishing use."

Lisa Slovis Mandel, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Teacher

"My Foredom Flex Shaft is an essential part of my studio. Sure I know how to make things without it, but it makes production a heck of a lot easier and faster when I have it. My favorite tool with the flex shaft is the snap on sanding discs."

Bruce Fransen, Sculptor, Musician, Arborist

 "The heavy duty Foredom TX motor has plenty of power for my large sculptural projects. The well designed hand pieces and accessories greatly improve my production time while reducing fatigue. The overall experience is a vast improvement over any other system I have used."

Britt Anderson, Jeweler

 "I have used Foredom flexshafts and the complimentary hand pieces for the past 30 years. I enjoy the quick change hand piece for it’s efficiency and I love the hammer hand piece for setting jobs. I must say though that my go to on a regular basis is the #30, it’s the mule of the bunch. I have two, one is 30 years old and the other purchased a year+ ago. The newer one turns a bit truer and I use it for accuracy. The old mule, now that one will go with me when I leave this beautiful blue orb. I use it to bezel set round stones 3.5mm and smaller, it makes for a fast clean and euro tight finished product. Another use for the old 30 is for burnishing those small annoying pits and problems in a piece.
You see, I work in gold and the last thing that I want is for a pit to rear it’s ugly head just as I’m making that last rouge sweep across a piece that I spent two days making, you know what I’m talking about. The burnishing head is made out of an old broken bur, the thick end heated and bent. The degree of bend will affect the amount of blunt force applied so try a few angles and lengths but for god’s sake wear eye protection! The tip is rounded and polished and this tool in the mule will return your piece to a finish able state. All of this off center force takes a small toll on the hand piece but I can attest that my 30 year old #30 is still hard at work every day pulling that plow….get two, that’s my free advice."

Jay Medeiros, Builder & Partner of Choppahead, Custom Classic Motorcycles, New Bedford, MA

"Two things matter to me when it comes to building and restoring motorcycles.......details and horsepower!! I love my Foredoms for their ability to get into small places before, during and after a build. I have a TX and an LX, both foot and tabletop dial controls as well as an arsenal of attachments."

Ronda Coryell, Certified Master Bench Jeweler, Designer, Educator, World Expert on Argentium® Silver

“Why I needed Another Foredom... I have a number of Foredom flex shafts and micro-motors set up at the benches in my studio. Because I travel and teach both Nationally and Internationally, I have found that the Portable Foredom Micro-Motor is the perfect tool to travel and teach with. It is lightweight enough to be passed around from student to student very easily. It works both here in the USA and internationally. The handpiece is vibration free, very comfortable to hold and makes working easier on my hands. The motor is quiet compared to the regular flex shaft. Because it is so lightweight and portable, I can carry it around with me when I walk around the studio. It is the perfect tool for a teacher on the go.”

Lindsay Minihan, Jeweler, Metalsmith, Educator

"Foredom products have been part of my “jewelry life since the very beginning, so being a passionate advocate comes naturally and I jumped at the opportunity to share my Foredom story. For the past 8 years, I’ve been the director of Metalwerx, a non-profit school and community studio for jewelry making in Massachusetts. I’m also a graduate of Mass College of Art and have been creating handcrafted jewelry and objects for the past 15 years.
Our studio relies on Foredom products and you won’t find a bench without a flex shaft in the entire building! We are home to 22 jewelers along with a full classroom of equipment that can accommodate up to 12 students. The flex shaft was my very first equipment purchase because of its ability to tackle so many bench tasks. If I could only get one tool for my studio, it had to be a flex shaft. My Foredom with a #20 quick change hand piece has treated me well for more than a decade.
By the time I was ready to set-up a second studio at home a few years ago, I went for a micromotor and my world changed. The micromotor allowed me to set a specific speed tailored to any attachment or task, and also work for a much longer period of time without feeling fatigued... My next big Foredom acquisition was the bench lathe... This one really blew my mind. I had been spending too much time trying to clean up the bowls of small silver salt spoons. They’re cast to keep the labor cost associated with fabrication down; but this ends up leaving me with plenty of clean-up work trying to achieve a high polish on the dapped interior of the spoon bowl. My “aha moment” came after I got the collet adaptor, which meant I could use ANY flex shaft attachment on the lathe."


Andrew Cooperman, Jeweler, Metalsmith, Educator

"Perhaps the most popular workshop that I teach is on the flexible shaft machine– "It Ain't Just a Drill" never has an empty seat. What surprises me isn't the constant demand for the class, it's how little people have been taught how amazing the flex shaft is. It's the subject matter that fills the class. The flex shaft is my right hand, my go-to, my bench buddy. It’s the tool that has just always made sense to me-- I am much more likely to chuck a bur in my flex shaft than grab a file. I carve, sand, refine and shape metal, plastic, wax, stone, ceramic and wood. I even use an oversized bur to cope wooden moldings when I remodel my home.
I have a variety of handpieces from the #20 quick release to the #15 hammer (which I use for stone setting and riveting) but I always keep a #30 at hand. I turn things around, putting the work in the adjustable chuck and spin it against the tool -- a burnisher, a bur, a file, even sandpaper. From spinning stones into tubes or creating trumpet-style flares for tube rivets to lathe-turning hard carving wax, if I can fit it into that chuck and spin it against a tool, I will. Maybe the most versatile tool on my bench, the flex shaft is my desert-island machine." 

Geoff Wiley, Luthier & Owner of Jalopy Theater and Music School, Brooklyn, NY

"I restore and play vintage instruments so I know that something well made will be around for a long time. My Foredom is like my ace in the hole for fine tuning the wood work on all sorts of instruments. Steady torque and control make it one of my favorite tools.
I use cone and cylinder burs as well as the typhoon burs of all shapes and sizes. I am old school so I love my No. 8 handpiece with changeable collets, I have had it forever. However my new favorite is the 44T handpiece than can take 1/4" collets... now that's music to my ears."

Kate Wolf, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Teacher

"I love my Foredom Drill Press. I use it to prepare waxes. I use a Wolf Cylinder Bur to mill the surface of my waxes to the correct dimensions–– this technique is way more accurate and faster than using a file or sanding screen. I also use the Foredom Drill Press to mill open bezels- it is fantastic for this purpose as it makes the walls perfectly vertical, and it creates a level shelf for the stone. If I am milling open a bezel on a ring, I put the ring blank in my Foredom Vise, make sure the ring top is level, and cut my seat. Dreamy! 
Thank you, Foredom for making quality tools. My first flex shaft lasted me 34 years! (It probably would have lasted longer if I did some routine maintenance on it…)."

Wayne Werner, Metalsmith, Jeweler, Foredom Demonstrator

"Foredom tools have always been a key ingredient to my success as a studio goldsmith. The dependability and versatility of the motors are legendary, but for me... it`s all about the accessories and attachments. As a Foredom product demonstrator, I work at the largest trade shows in the world. I thoroughly enjoy meeting metalsmiths and jewelers from small one person shops to large factories. One thing they all agree on is that knowledge of the attachments and accessories is important.
I spend a great deal of time pointing out new products that have been developed to solve problems, as well as reminding them of the tried and true methods to make their job a little easier. Whether you like the value and versatility of the Series SR, the torque of the LX, the power of the TX , or the speed and light weight of Foredom Micro Motors, it`s what you put IN the tool that matters most.
Also, keep in mind that tools like the #30 hand- piece and the BL Lathe have a HUGE assortment of “ADD ON” attachments that are designed to help you work smarter and NOT harder."