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Speed controls are required to operate a Foredom flexible shaft machine and allow the user to vary speed from low to full. Most people use a control that is separate from a motor, but within each motor series we have a model with an built-in dial speed control: M.SRM, M.TXM, and M.LXM. Motors connect to speed controls and NOT directly into an electrical outlet. The 6' long speed control power cord plugs into an outlet. Foredom's offers three styles of interchangeable controls for every motor:
1. FOOT operated control in PLASTIC housing, 2. FOOT operated control in METAL housing, 3. MANUAL, table top dial operated control in PLASTIC housing
The most popular is the plastic housing foot operated model that features durable, solid state electronic circuitry in an extra wide footprint. The other foot operated control shares the same electronics but comes in a heavier, cast iron housing that eliminates any unexpected movement on the floor. The table top manual control can be positioned anywhere on a work surface and has a dial to adjust speed.
Controls for Series TX and LX motors are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE with controls for Series SR and other discontinued universal type motors.  
Speed controls come in 115V for use in the USA and 230V for use in countries around the world where 115V is not available. Different plug options are available for CE rated and other 230V models.
There's also On/Off Foot Switches for use with flexible shaft and other stationary power tools. These 'Momentary On' switches allow users to turn a tool on and off without having to use the manual switch.