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Flexades, Right Side

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5/16" Coupling S.B0-516 (for use on current lathes- built in 2002 and later with 5/16" motor shafts), 1/4" Coupling S.B0-14 (for use lathes older than 2002 with 1/4" motor shafts), 1/2" Coupling S.B0-12, 3/8" Coupling S.B0-38

Current models of BL Lathes refers to models built in 2002 and later. These lathes have 5/16" motor shafts. Older models (including Nos. 1 & 5 High Speed Bench Grinders) have 1/4" motor shafts and were built before 2002.

Our 34" long Flexade converts your bench lathe, drill press or electric drill into a flexible shaft machine. Includes standard outer sheath and inner shaft for attaching any of our interchangeable handpieces.
Flexades are ideal for use with the BL Lathe which runs up to 7,000 RPM. Since the flexade can only run in forward, it needs to be mounted on the right side of the bench lathe as you face it. For best performance, motor speed should operate at 3,500 RPM pr higher. Lathe and handpiece NOT included.